Human Security and Crisis: A Snapshot

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Across the globe, countless government, private and third sector organisations are working to promote and sustain the security of vulnerable populations. During acute or protracted crises, the protection of individuals and local populations is a key requirement for those charged with crisis preparedness, response and risk reduction. From natural disasters, such as the earthquake that […]

Risk Management: identifying risks to achieve sustainable impact

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At Trilateral Research we think managing risks is critical, both in the development of emerging technologies and in ensuring safety and security. All our projects involve some type of risk management. The use of risk assessment is critical to identifying, understanding and mitigating potential risks thereby enhancing decision making, responsible research and innovation and many […]

Open sources intelligence: how to use it to uncover crimes against humanity?


The world is increasingly turning to open sources, not only for information but also for human rights reporting and uncovering crimes against humanity. While it has become possible for anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone to capture real-time images of extraordinary and unpredictable events and broadcast them on social media platforms, the rise […]

Will new technology for the justice system help combat Human Trafficking?

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Human trafficking is a clandestine phenomenon in which its victims often remain unidentified by the justice system and law enforcement. According to the Guardian, Modern slavery, including labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude, is estimated to cost the UK between £3.3bn and £4.3bn, with the range reflecting uncertainty around the number of victims, which […]