Increasing Vaccination Uptake Through Message Framing

Vaccine message framing

The COVID-19 breakthrough we have all been waiting for came this week: a vaccine. If this vaccination is approved, it would allow the world to return to normality. In order for this vaccine to be most effective and herd immunity to be in place, we need 60-70% of the population to be vaccinated. So far, […]

Behavioural Science – why do people do what they do?

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What is Behavioural Science? It is the science of understanding how people behave,  their motivations and attitudes including both their rational and irrational behaviours. It allows us to gain a better understanding of a person’s actions, biases, outlooks and opinions. This, in turn, sheds light on potential ways to change or mould them. The key […]

Adopting voice-to-text technologies for social good

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Imagine a world where we can focus on the people that need us and automate the fiddly tasks that often get in the way? A possible solution The last two years has seen a huge increase of the development of apps and technologies aimed at assisting NGOs and police officers to help them streamline their […]

Those who control the code control the rules: How different perspectives of privacy are being written into the code of blockchain systems

Blockchain systems afford new privacy capabilities. This threatens to create conflict, as different social groups involved in blockchain development often disagree on which capabilities specific systems should enact. This article attempts to make sense of disagreements between collaborating social worlds. The case study performs a series of interviews with users, developers, cryptographic researchers, corporate architects, […]

Adopting an evidence-based approach to support adolescent mental health

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In this interview, we discuss the new Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity programme dedicated to support adolescent mental health. Tamsyn Roberts, Programme Director, and Rob Parker, Head of Data Analytics, present the challenges, the methodology and the support provided by Trilateral Research in adopting emerging technologies to develop an evidence-based approach. What is the impact […]

Combating Cybercriminality by Understanding Human and Technical Drivers

combatting cyber criminality

Trilateral Research joins twelve partners from across the EU in the newly launched three-year Horizon 2020 project CC-DRIVER to examine the drivers behind cybercriminality in the EU with a special focus on the factors that lead young people to cybercrime. “Booming cybercriminality is causing enormous economic and social costs in our societies across the globe. […]

Better communication for pandemics at all scales

While easy to make commentary about it, information remains a major challenge during pandemics. In part, this is because when a new disease emerges, authorities are almost automatically one step behind at the start, playing catch up for months, trying to identify and understand the unknown. In part, this is because each pandemic seems to […]

Analysing “populist” narratives – what are the ethical and social implications?

With the rise of populist parties in Europe over the past few years, the question of populism has gained much interest from researchers seeking to better understand the specificity of the newly emerging political landscape, its causes and consequences, its actors, and the rhetoric accompanying it. However, the notion of populism itself is highly contested. […]