What are the factors that make individuals vulnerable to human trafficking?

At Trilateral Research we take pride in our work and research in the human trafficking and migration fields. Following the recent incident in Essex where 39 alleged migrants of Vietnamese origin, were found dead in a shipping container, we ask ourselves if this is an instance of human trafficking. Olivia Iannelli, a Research Analyst at Trilateral, […]

Social media and populism: Facebook’s challenges with political speech

PACE social media and populism e1564575367613

Facebook and other social networks’ attempts to diminish the influence of problematic political content online have had limited results so far. The challenge for such platforms is not to neatly sort political speech into legal/illegal, but to consider the way these platforms structure and support particular types of political communication. In an economy in which […]

Assessing the Ethical, Legal and Social Impacts of new technologies: the EUNOMIA project case study


There is increasing hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning progressively being integrated into more domains of our personal, social and professional life; dating applications “choose” the “right” match, computational tools are employed to increase productivity. However, at the same time, recent scandals such as Cambridge Analytica’s collection and processing of personal data of […]

Combining technology and social sciences for sustainable innovation

Trilateral Research

Trilateral Research’s integrated approach combines technology and social sciences to deliver sustainable impact. In fact, our interdisciplinary team is made of data scientists, computer scientists, social scientists and ethical and legal experts. We employ co-design methodologies with end users to develop, test and implement state of the art technologies. Our solutions pay attention to the […]

Working together to address extreme ideologies and polarisation

Trilateral Research is developing a proposal for an EU funded project focused on addressing extreme ideologies and polarisation. We are looking to collaborate with key actors (e.g., policy makers, government officials), institutions (e.g., educational institutions, health institutions, faith groups, Law Enforcement Agencies) and organisations (e.g., civil society organisations, charities) involved in addressing extreme ideologies and […]