The UK’s new vision for responsible and trustworthy AI

At Trilateral Research, we turn the promise of ethical AI into reality, tackling complex social problems head-on. But what does it take for AI to be “ethical”? Our latest report, commissioned by Innovate UK and BridgeAI, outlines an answer to this question for the UK. The ‘Report on the Core Principles and Opportunities for Responsible and Trustworthy […]

Is AI in safe hands?

This week, the UK has played host to the world’s first AI Safety Summit, driven by a critical need to remain ahead of a technology that is developing at an unprecedented pace. With the EU AI Act close to implementation, and other countries racing to keep up, it’s no surprise that the UK government took […]

AI in Law Enforcement: Balancing power, innovation and ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising science and industry, and extending increasingly into citizens’ daily lives. Concerns about how these powerful new tools might disrupt relations between the public and state are widespread, particularly in the law enforcement arena where tensions (such as those embodied by the Black Lives Matter movement) are routine. Within Trilateral Research’s […]

CESIUM shines a light on the hidden exploitation of children

In a recent validation test, CESIUM identified 16 children several months before they were referred by safeguarding partners. A child being exploited has no voice, lives in fear of those exploiting them, and is hopeless to find a way out; they can depend only upon responsible adults in their community to recognise the signs and […]

Webinar: What is the Role of Ethical AI in Safeguarding Children? A CESIUM Case Study.

Date Wednesday 9th November Time 10am – 12pm Speakers Kush Wadhwa, CEO/CTO, Trilateral Research Jonathan McAdam, Chief Superintendent, Lincolnshire Police Stephen Anning, Product Manager, Trilateral Research Dr. Filippo Marchetti, Data Protection Services Manager, Trilateral Research Find out how Trilateral Research and Lincolnshire Police used Ethical AI to find 16 vulnerable children months before they were […]

The Interplay of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge with Automated Systems for Safeguarding Children

The UK’s Digital Policing Strategy prioritises “the power of digital technologies and behaviours to identify the risk of harm and protect the vulnerable in the physical and digital world”. In support of this priority, Trilateral Research is collaborating with Lincolnshire Police to co-design and develop CESIUM, a data analytics and AI platform for safeguarding children who […]

Sociotech in practice: developing AI solutions to tackle societal challenges

MicrosoftTeams image 20

What does it mean to adopt a sociotech approach to design and develop AI solutions aimed at tackling complex societal challenges? For Baxter and Sommerville, this means that the “underlying premise of socio-technical thinking is that systems design should be a process that takes into account both social and technical factors that influence the functionality […]