Combating child exploitation with ethically designed technology

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Government services throughout the UK gather more data than the various agencies can process, leaving them wondering who might be slipping through the cracks from the lack of ability to analyse it. When safeguarding children disconnects in the data kept by various agencies can mean lost opportunity to identify victims, to mitigate risks earlier, to […]

Developing a sustainable model to enhance policing’s ability to safeguard children – interview with Chris Todd from West Midlands Police and National Policing lead for Data Analytics

In this interview, Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Todd from West Midlands Police and National Policing lead for Data Analytics shares unique insights on how new technologies can make policing more effective and efficient in delivering public good. Here, he also provides his feedback on CESIUM project’s endeavour in enhancing policing’s ability to prevent and combat […]

Leading the way in protecting the most vulnerable – interview with Chief Superintendent Jon McAdam from Lincolnshire Police

Jon McAdam is Temporary Chief Superintendent at Lincolnshire Police currently working as Area Commander for the West area of the County overseeing serious crime investigations, response policing and neighbourhood policing. Prior to taking up this role, he was working as the Head of the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, with responsibility for ensuring a robust force […]

Bringing better justice to child soldiers

Trilateral Research is collaborating with the Universidad de La Sabana in the PATCH (Patterns of Child Recruitment in Colombia) project. The project aims to identify patterns and dynamics of recruitment of children in Colombia from a social-tech angle. Trilateral will develop machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools in order to discover patterns of […]

Developing Risk Assessment tools to combat Child Sexual Exploitation

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Child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse remain challenging issues for law enforcement and local authorities in the UK due to the hidden nature of these crimes. Risk assessments tools, which can be similar to questionnaires, enable the categorisation of cases as “low”, “moderate” or “high” risk and prioritise them accordingly and law enforcement agencies and community […]