Ethically developed technologies for safer societies – the ROXANNE project case study

ethical technology

ROXANNE is a security project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 innovation programme. ROXANNE brings together research institutions, law enforcement agencies and industry to build tools to assist law enforcement in tackling organised crime and terrorist groups. Surveillance of these organised crime and terrorist groups takes a significant amount of time for investigators to […]

Detecting identity fraud to reduce abuses and vulnerabilities

Imagine an individual with a known criminal past has recently renewed his passport with a morphed image created by combining his own photo with that of another person without a criminal record. Submitting a morphed image is possible since applications for passport renewal allow applicants to submit their own photo, rather than performing live enrollment […]

Fine issued for the refusal of a child’s subject access request

Responding to subject access requests can present a variety of challenges for data controllers. In particular, managing such requests on behalf of children without clear precedent can prove to be challenging. The rights of the child are covered in part within the text of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (‘GDPR’). However, how these rights should be managed […]

Understanding crime victims’ experience with the police

We are proud to announce Trilateral Research’s new project focused on on the experiences of victims of crime in relation to their interactions with the Garda Síochána (the police service of the Republic of Ireland). The project will provide important insights into: The nature and quality of victims’ experiences The impact of victims’ experiences on […]

A people-centred approach to military planning: why it matters

Preparing for and responding to today’s dynamic conflicts and complex crises requires military planners to develop a strong and deep understanding of the range of threats that affect the security of people and communities – and how this insecurity exacerbates conflict and instability. This means incorporating a “people-centred” approach within military planning and analysis. But it […]

What are the factors that make individuals vulnerable to human trafficking?

At Trilateral Research we take pride in our work and research in the human trafficking and migration fields. Following the recent incident in Essex where 39 alleged migrants of Vietnamese origin, were found dead in a shipping container, we ask ourselves if this is an instance of human trafficking. Olivia Iannelli, a Research Analyst at Trilateral, […]

Human Security and Crisis: A Snapshot

Human security MOD e1560424643720

Across the globe, countless government, private and third sector organisations are working to promote and sustain the security of vulnerable populations. During acute or protracted crises, the protection of individuals and local populations is a key requirement for those charged with crisis preparedness, response and risk reduction. From natural disasters, such as the earthquake that […]

Data protection requirements for school events and children

GDPR for schools events.jpeg.crdownload

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) has been welcomed with much excitement by privacy-concerned individuals – but it has also led to confusion in many contexts, including schools. The ambiguity around the lawfulness of the practice of taking photographs at school events has led the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) to publish guidance. This article summarises the […]