Project Solebay Conference – Discussing modern slavery in conflict

slavery still exists SOLEBAY

“When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognising the humanity in others.” Desmond Tutu On 14th May, Trilateral Research and St Mary’s University welcomed an array of stakeholders (MOD, business, government, law enforcement, charities and researchers involved in combatting human trafficking and modern slavery) to a […]

Human Security and Crisis: A Snapshot

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Across the globe, countless government, private and third sector organisations are working to promote and sustain the security of vulnerable populations. During acute or protracted crises, the protection of individuals and local populations is a key requirement for those charged with crisis preparedness, response and risk reduction. From natural disasters, such as the earthquake that […]

Using data to enhance collaborative crisis management

Data for collaborative approach in crisis management

What are the key challenges in crisis management technology that can be better tackled by adopting an ethical approach? Challenges in using data for crisis response Crises and disasters are increasingly understood to be complex events that require data from across borders and disciplinary understandings to build complete and actionable situational awareness. To support the […]

Ethics, Technology and Innovation in Humanitarian Settings: Calibrating the Conversation

The relationship between ethics, innovation and technology in humanitarian settings is a fraught one, but also a fruitful area for practitioner-academic collaboration. Such collaboration can improve practice, document and analyse processes to build knowledge in the sector and enhance academic engagement, but are in the early stages of framing and unpacking the problems and challenges […]

Working together to design new technologies to fight crime and terrorism

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Organized crime and terrorist organisations are often at the forefront of technological innovation in planning, executing and concealing their criminal activities and the revenues stemming from them. Trilateral Research has worked in many projects aiming to develop solutions to tackle cybercrime, terrorist activities and understand their use or novel technologies. We would like now to […]