Making air pollution meaningful for Meath County Council

In a recent blog post on Air Quality News, Dr Ruaraidh Dobson sheds light on the transformative impact of STRIAD:AIR. This innovative AI tool helps to bridge the gap between support for climate action in theory and practice. It does this by transforming complex air pollution data into meaningful insights. These insights empower councils, governments, […]

Social impact and community relations: Why do they matter in business?

In today’s business climate, sustainability and accountability can’t be brushed off as ‘nice to haves’ they’re the kind of ‘must haves’ that can affect your business’s bottom line. The British Business Bank  explains it like this:  According to the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), two-thirds of investors take ESG factors into account when investing in […]

Fighting modern slavery with survivor’s voices

I used to work at a safe house for survivors of human trafficking. A busy day included listening to the stories of ten or more people. Powerful and insightful stories. Stories that shed light on the modus operandi of the traffickers, and thus stories that could help fight the crimes of modern slavery and human […]

E-learning and the Ethics of Robot Bullying


When considering Ethical Artificial Intelligence we want to hold machinery to account and to protect humans from the potential harmful impact of powerful machines.  How transparent are the decisions that machines make?  Can we identify the bias that comes from selective availability of data?  Or from existing bias in the situations they are trained from? […]

Data protection in education during the COVID-19 pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries including the education sector, have taken swift action to adjust and adapt. Earlier in the year, we covered issues that organisations must consider when implementing additional measures such as temperature screenings. However, as time passes, and more sectors must resume operations while living with COVID-19, further privacy and data […]

Gender and Leadership in Higher Education and Research


The GEARING Roles project is proud to invite you to our second annual conference 9 – 11 November  2020 online, hosted by Sabanci University in Istanbul. The conference theme this year is “Gender and Leadership in Higher Education and Research.” Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES (GEARING Roles project) is made […]

Fostering a data protection culture within universities and academic institutions

Data Protection in academic institutions

Universities and academic institutions are complex organisations where compliance with issues like data protection can vary greatly. On one hand, you have departments, groups and institutions at the cutting-edge of research practice where new ideas, policies and processes are approached enthusiastically. On the other hand, some departments and research clusters may take more traditional approach, […]

Providing safe educational technologies – a guide for educators

The current response to the Coronavirus is making massive changes to all our lives, but it’s also accelerating various existing trends. One of these has been to move education online, due to the closure or suspension of schools and universities. Educators have had to move incredibly rapidly, in order to get something that works well […]