What does the ethics of technology mean?


Did you know that your favourite streaming platform uses an artificially intelligent algorithm to customize its thumbnail images of shows and movies based on your past viewing history? Did you know that your identity can be verified by not only your fingerprints and your face, but also your iris, your voice, the pattern of veins […]

Using technology in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. Challenges with tech-mediated interventions.

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The progression of internet communications technology presents a complex philosophical question when applied to human trafficking and modern slavery. This is due to the fact that advances in technology can both help to enable and prevent incidents of the crime. Although this blog acknowledges both possibilities, the importance of understanding the potential impacts associated with […]

AI in Medicine: A View from Philosophy and Ethics

This chapter explores AI in medicine through a philosophical and ethical lens. This includes an examination of how AI impacts on medicine in terms of uses and promises, limitations, and risks, as well as key questions to consider. While AI offers scope for complex and large-scale data processing, with the promise of an increase in […]

Training on human trafficking: a component of the human security operationalisation framework


Research and our own experience show that whilst those working in defence are typically well positioned to help better understand how human trafficking manifests itself in conflict, they do not fully understand what human trafficking truly entails and/or what their role is vis-à-vis that crime. Acknowledging this gap, Royal Marines Commandos invited Trilateral Research to […]

Ethical Responsibility in Space Exploration

The ethical questions arising in the context of current and future space travel and exploration are as abundant as they are complex (Schwartz and Milligan 2016). This is owing to both the increasing number of technological possibilities opening opportunities for human exploration and exploitation of space, other planets and asteroids in addition to the myriad […]

Developing AI solutions to track illicit money flows

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Trilateral Research joins sixteen partners from across the EU in the newly-launched TRACE project, a €7 million Horizon 2020 project to support the investigation of illicit money flows through the co-development of cutting-edge AI technology tools. Within a three-year life span, TRACE project will provide law enforcement agencies with a solution to better identify and […]

Achieving the Green Deal ambitions with just and equitable sustainable solutions

Green Deal

Multidisciplinary research into cutting-edge technologies with a strong positive societal impact lies at the heart of the European Green Deal, the EU’s policy agenda to make the Union a world leader in environmental protection by achieving climate neutrality by 2050. EU funded projects are a core aspect of the Union’s research and innovation strategy and will be […]

“Ethics by Design” for new and emerging technologies

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Trilateral Research joins 9 partners from across the EU in the three-year Horizon 2020 TechEthos project to establish an “Ethics-by-Design” framework for new and emerging technologies with high socio-economic impact. Technological developments and breakthroughs can bring spectacular changes to society. Ongoing research has identified many technologies that will grow and revolutionise human life, for example, […]

Optimising manufacturing processes using Artificial Intelligence and Virtualisation

artificial intelligence

Manufacturing is a central and foundational pillar of the European economy, driving huge quantities of exports and providing many European jobs. It is deeply interconnected with other sectors of the economy, providing the demand for unprocessed materials, services and, in turn, the goods on which other sectors rely. Thus, it supports growth and employment across […]