Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is a yearly reminder about environmental and climate change challenges. It is a day to raise awareness amongst all of us about the unique and diverse needs and risks faced by millions. It draws our attention back to the interconnected and interwoven nature of ecosystems, human activity, lived spaces, and well-being. It is […]

Achieving the Green Deal ambitions with just and equitable sustainable solutions

Green Deal

Multidisciplinary research into cutting-edge technologies with a strong positive societal impact lies at the heart of the European Green Deal, the EU’s policy agenda to make the Union a world leader in environmental protection by achieving climate neutrality by 2050. EU funded projects are a core aspect of the Union’s research and innovation strategy and will be […]

Energy Efficiency as a Tool for Effective Maintenance


As energy resources have gradually become more limited and more expensive, proper maintenance of industrial equipment has become a significant yardstick in measuring competitiveness and environmental impact. For a long time, the status quo with regard to industrial maintenance involved ignoring the asset (equipment, machinery or infrastructure) as long as it was functional in order […]

Prioritising investments in energy efficiency

The lack of the overall understanding of the impact of energy-efficient investments has made it difficult for policymakers to integrate it into their policymaking process. There is a need to gather evidence on the benefit of energy efficiency in ecological and socio-economic terms. These are the challenges that EERAdata will address over the next three […]