Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is a yearly reminder about environmental and climate change challenges. It is a day to raise awareness amongst all of us about the unique and diverse needs and risks faced by millions. It draws our attention back to the interconnected and interwoven nature of ecosystems, human activity, lived spaces, and well-being. It is […]

Pandemics and the Environment: Modelling the Broader Picture 

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Pandemic preparedness and response measures are not always designed with the environment in mind, focusing instead on lives saved. As such, short-term mitigation measures during pandemics can worsen long-term environmental and ecological problems.    We, therefore, need to approach pandemics in a way that thinks about the world and not just the people in it, underlining and […]

Facial recognition technology as a measure to enhance public safety

Facial recognition

As part of the European Union’s ‘smart city strategy’ plan, more and more cities throughout Europe have started adopting new technologies in order to transition into a new digital future. With the enhancement of safety in public spaces being a key feature of a smart city, local authorities opt for tools that are intended to […]

Achieving the Green Deal ambitions with just and equitable sustainable solutions

Green Deal

Multidisciplinary research into cutting-edge technologies with a strong positive societal impact lies at the heart of the European Green Deal, the EU’s policy agenda to make the Union a world leader in environmental protection by achieving climate neutrality by 2050. EU funded projects are a core aspect of the Union’s research and innovation strategy and will be […]

Views of people with disabilities on future mobility

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Trilateral Research is delighted to announce the release of the TRIPS White Paper “Views of people with disabilities on future mobility”, where we present disabled users’ mobility needs and challenges, and initial attitudes towards future mobility solutions and associated technologies. Today’s transport systems remain largely inaccessible for people with disabilities. Inaccessible transport due to sensory, […]

Co-designing policy recommendations on accessible public transport – join the TRIPS webinar

Accessible Transport

Today’s transport systems remain largely inaccessible for people living with disabilities. But how can we prioritise accessibility and inclusivity in transport systems to ensure equal mobility for all? Within the TRIPS project, Trilateral Research focuses on the experiences and needs of disabled people and develops policy recommendations to directly address their challenges in current urban […]

Market needs on water security standardisation: join the aqua3S workshop

aqua3S Workshop

How can we improve the safety and security of water networks, and ensure they are able to respond to dynamic threats? Water security crisis management requires European harmonisation on addressing the way information is collected and managed at EU level. The European Standard Body CEN is producing many EU standards to help address these issues. […]