Data in Crisis: anticipating risk, vulnerability, and resilience through communication infrastructures

This paper explores the implications of having interactions around crises progressively based in data and their infrastructures. Drawing on applied research from multidisciplinary projects to design data infrastructures to support collaboration and situational awareness in crises, we explore how these infrastructures become fundamental to how crisis communication and governance can and does work. In the […]

Thinking AI with a Hammer. Kate Crawford’s Atlas of AI

Kate Crawford’s recent book Atlas of AI (2021) debunks the many myths that surround the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today. It is a very timely and much-needed book, as experts and policymakers are currently engaged in many initiatives and discussions to regulate AI. Proper and effective governance of this technology will only be possible if it is […]

Pulling In and Pushing Out: Crowdfunding Regulation and Financial Inclusion in Mexico

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Financial technologies (FinTech) promise to democratize financial services by lowering the threshold for access and including marginalized communities who have traditionally been neglected as potential customers. The honorable goal is luring policymakers towards FinTech to increase rates financial of inclusion. However, before hopes are fully placed on technology, it is important to consider how these […]

Facial recognition technology as a measure to enhance public safety

Facial recognition

As part of the European Union’s ‘smart city strategy’ plan, more and more cities throughout Europe have started adopting new technologies in order to transition into a new digital future. With the enhancement of safety in public spaces being a key feature of a smart city, local authorities opt for tools that are intended to […]

What does the ethics of technology mean?


Did you know that your favourite streaming platform uses an artificially intelligent algorithm to customize its thumbnail images of shows and movies based on your past viewing history? Did you know that your identity can be verified by not only your fingerprints and your face, but also your iris, your voice, the pattern of veins […]

Using technology in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. Challenges with tech-mediated interventions.

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The progression of internet communications technology presents a complex philosophical question when applied to human trafficking and modern slavery. This is due to the fact that advances in technology can both help to enable and prevent incidents of the crime. Although this blog acknowledges both possibilities, the importance of understanding the potential impacts associated with […]

Google’s DeepMind faces legal action over UK patient data use

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Google is the latest tech company in the spotlight over large-scale processing of sensitive data. Law firm Mischcon de Reya is bringing representative action on behalf of over 1.6 million patients of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust whose information was processed by Google’s AI firm DeepMind. This follows an investigation by the ICO […]

Ethical Responsibility in Space Exploration

The ethical questions arising in the context of current and future space travel and exploration are as abundant as they are complex (Schwartz and Milligan 2016). This is owing to both the increasing number of technological possibilities opening opportunities for human exploration and exploitation of space, other planets and asteroids in addition to the myriad […]

“Ethics by Design” for new and emerging technologies

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Trilateral Research joins 9 partners from across the EU in the three-year Horizon 2020 TechEthos project to establish an “Ethics-by-Design” framework for new and emerging technologies with high socio-economic impact. Technological developments and breakthroughs can bring spectacular changes to society. Ongoing research has identified many technologies that will grow and revolutionise human life, for example, […]

CCTV leak of Hancock footage raises substantial data protection concerns

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A high profile public figure is caught on CCTV in alleged inappropriate behaviour with a colleague in the workplace and the resulting images are subsequently published in the media.  This disclosure however does not simply raise the question of ethical or journalistic practices, but also the spectre of multiple breaches of the UK General Data […]