Conducting a needs analysis for access to electronic health records

health care records

Healthcare records by their nature contain sensitive personal data. Such information can take on heightened sensitivity when it may involve particularly vulnerable types of individuals, such as children. The digitisation of patient records presents many opportunities for increased efficiencies, such as improving the record retrieval process and facilitating information sharing among medical professionals. There are […]

Understanding how COVID-19 exacerbates existing inequalities and vulnerabilities


Since its emergence in 2019, COVID-19 has become a topic of daily conversation due to its wide-scale impact on all areas of our lives. Much of the language around the coronavirus is anchored around the word ‘risk’. Medical and Governmental authorities have provided us with copious amounts of guidance regarding risk – often construed through […]

Increasing Vaccination Uptake Through Message Framing

Vaccine message framing

The COVID-19 breakthrough we have all been waiting for came this week: a vaccine. If this vaccination is approved, it would allow the world to return to normality. In order for this vaccine to be most effective and herd immunity to be in place, we need 60-70% of the population to be vaccinated. So far, […]

Data protection in education during the COVID-19 pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries including the education sector, have taken swift action to adjust and adapt. Earlier in the year, we covered issues that organisations must consider when implementing additional measures such as temperature screenings. However, as time passes, and more sectors must resume operations while living with COVID-19, further privacy and data […]

Risk communication strategies in the context of COVID-19

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak we have repeatedly been reminded of the important role that effective risk communication plays in response and recovery. The absence of a vaccine has meant that early communications focused on public health guidance to stem virus transmission (lockdown and social distancing, among others). The localised, complex, changing (and […]

How to keep COVID-19 temperature checks privacy compliant

Privacy temperature checks scaled 1

In order to protect staff, customers and visitors from exposure to COVID-19, many businesses and organisations are installing temperature checking systems to monitor individuals when on-site. It is important, however, to ensure that business owners fulfil their (new) public health management assistance in a manner which respects privacy, data protection and personal sensitivities. Maintaining a […]

Supporting international medical responses during the COVID-19 pandemic: the NO-FEAR network

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When the NO-FEAR project was launched in 2018, the large-scale threats it expected to address involved security-related incidents such as terrorism, including Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and Radiation (CBRN) incidents. Dangers like these remain, as sadly shown by the August 4 ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut. Throughout 2020, however, the project’s network of emergency medical practitioners […]

AI in healthcare: paving the way with standardisation

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AI has become one of the top strategic priorities and a key driving force of economic growth. The potential of this game-changing technology in the healthcare sector will make a huge difference for both professionals and patients. The one-day interactive stakeholders’ workshop organised by CEN-CENELEC on 27th October 2020, is very timely as it will bring […]

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