Facial recognition technology as a measure to enhance public safety

Facial recognition

As part of the European Union’s ‘smart city strategy’ plan, more and more cities throughout Europe have started adopting new technologies in order to transition into a new digital future. With the enhancement of safety in public spaces being a key feature of a smart city, local authorities opt for tools that are intended to […]

Machine Speed Strategic Analysis – Using AI to unlock information advantage

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“Machine Speed Strategic Analysis” is a constant and top-level requirement within the MoD, but what exactly does it mean? Machine speed analysis is the ability to process vast amounts of data to examine or determine their relationship or value much quicker than could be done by humans and to produce a statement of findings. The […]

Using technology in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. Challenges with tech-mediated interventions.

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The progression of internet communications technology presents a complex philosophical question when applied to human trafficking and modern slavery. This is due to the fact that advances in technology can both help to enable and prevent incidents of the crime. Although this blog acknowledges both possibilities, the importance of understanding the potential impacts associated with […]

Training on human trafficking: a component of the human security operationalisation framework


Research and our own experience show that whilst those working in defence are typically well positioned to help better understand how human trafficking manifests itself in conflict, they do not fully understand what human trafficking truly entails and/or what their role is vis-à-vis that crime. Acknowledging this gap, Royal Marines Commandos invited Trilateral Research to […]

Ethical and Practical Challenges of Tackling Organised Crime in Conflict

War is a hospitable host for criminality. The reasons for this are numerous. Weak rule of law, political instability, economic insecurity and the need for illicit means of conflict financing all rank, among others, as the reasons why this may be the case. However, the relationship between conflict and organised crime remains under-researched and conceptually […]

Market needs on water security standardisation: join the aqua3S workshop

aqua3S Workshop

How can we improve the safety and security of water networks, and ensure they are able to respond to dynamic threats? Water security crisis management requires European harmonisation on addressing the way information is collected and managed at EU level. The European Standard Body CEN is producing many EU standards to help address these issues. […]