Google’s DeepMind faces legal action over UK patient data use

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Google is the latest tech company in the spotlight over large-scale processing of sensitive data. Law firm Mischcon de Reya is bringing representative action on behalf of over 1.6 million patients of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust whose information was processed by Google’s AI firm DeepMind. This follows an investigation by the ICO […]

Disputing the Independence and Impartiality of an AI-assisted Judiciary

From private technology companies to national courts, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are in the process of inducing an unprecedented change in the public sector – and this development, unless addressed with careful consideration, has the potential to confront the fundamental right to a fair trial. In particular, the requirement for an independent and impartial tribunal. […]

Understanding crime victims’ experience – survey

Trilateral Research are seeking the input from people who have been a victim of crime in Ireland and have contacted the Garda Síochána about the crime between January 2018 to present. The findings from this research will support our work with the Irish Policing Authority to investigate and understand crime victims’ experience with the Garda Síochána and the […]

European Union Issues New Standard Contractual Clauses for Data Transfers Outside the EEA

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On 4th June 2021, the European Commission (EC) published a final Implementing Decision on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) for the transfer of data to countries outside of the EEA. These new SCCs replace the existing clauses, which have been approved under Directive 95/46/EC. The EC considered extensive feedback from a range of stakeholders before publishing […]

Regulatory changes for AI in Europe are coming!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide benefits to individuals and society, for example in helping achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals or realising the European Green Deal. At the same time, AI raises many ethical and social concerns, like bias and discrimination, violations of fundamental rights, and unfair distribution of socio-economic and political power. On April […]

Sexual crimes and public trials – how can we better protect vulnerable witnesses?

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Trilateral Research’s research (commissioned by the Irish Policing Authority) on crime victims’ experiences with the Garda Síochána and the impact of these interactions seeks to understand and communicate the needs, concerns and asks of victims of crime in Ireland. This blog looks at a case of sexual crime from 2018 and how the public access, […]

Sociotech in practice: developing AI solutions to tackle societal challenges

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What does it mean to adopt a sociotech approach to design and develop AI solutions aimed at tackling complex societal challenges? For Baxter and Sommerville, this means that the “underlying premise of socio-technical thinking is that systems design should be a process that takes into account both social and technical factors that influence the functionality […]

Better visualisation of electronic evidence to improve digital forensic capabilities

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During a digital-related investigation, electronic evidence can be gathered from a variety of sources such as cell phones, hard drives, CDs, digital cameras, electronic files such as JPEGs, and emails. In their raw format, these data are binary files (sequences of 0s and 1s) commonly represented in hexadecimal (hex) notation. Digital forensic practitioners need to […]

Harmonising European cybersecurity strategies to tackle cybercrime

Cybersecurity strategies

Cybercrime is a complex and dynamically evolving form of transnational crime which is causing enormous economic and social harm to our world. Due to its transnational nature and complexity, combatting cybercriminality greatly depends on developing a coordinated and harmonised approach to cybersecurity strategies and cybercriminality policies across European borders. Trilateral coordinates the H2020 CC-DRIVER project […]

CESIUM: Innovation in child safeguarding – An interdisciplinary journey

Child exploitation (CE) is a complex societal problem – there are many moving parts, many points of failure, and many vulnerabilities. Child exploitation includes, but is not limited to, child labour, forced begging, engagement in criminal activities and child prostitution and is often visible in cases of gang membership, “county lines” exploitation, human trafficking and […]