Training on human trafficking: a component of the human security operationalisation framework


Research and our own experience show that whilst those working in defence are typically well positioned to help better understand how human trafficking manifests itself in conflict, they do not fully understand what human trafficking truly entails and/or what their role is vis-à-vis that crime. Acknowledging this gap, Royal Marines Commandos invited Trilateral Research to […]

Direct marketing guidance for the public sector

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The UK Information Commissioner’s (ICO) new guidance aims to help public sector organisations to understand when direct marketing considerations will apply to their messaging. ICO Director of High Priority Investigations & Intelligence Anthony Luhman underlined that: “. . . there are times when the direct marketing rules will apply and we want to help the […]

Using CCTV with Facial Recognition Technology in Public Spaces and Workplaces  

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The use of CCTV in private homes and public spaces has become increasingly commonplace with such systems often having the capacity for enhanced functionality, including Facial Recognition Technology (“FRT”).  This enables people to be identified based on the system’s analysis of their geometric facial features and the potential to compare this data against any other available images. In response, the Dutch DPA has said that this technology risks making us all ‘walking bar codes’.     Of course, such functionality can be beneficial in a myriad of circumstances, from unlocking phones and doors, to assisting law enforcement bodies police crowded areas.   From […]

Failure to support the data protection officer contravenes the GDPR

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A data protection officer (DPO) is working for an organisation that fails to provide them with sufficient resources to complete their tasks and consciously excludes them from meetings in which data protection compliance is likely to be an extensive consideration. Sadly, this will not be an entirely alien experience for many DPOs at some stage […]

Mergers, acquisitions and data protection

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Your organisation completes a takeover of a competitor as part of your mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Two years later, the data protection authority fines your organisation for a cyberattack initiated on the acquired party’s IT system 17 months before your merger. Is this a severe sanction? Perhaps. However, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) […]

Better visualisation of electronic evidence to improve digital forensic capabilities

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During a digital-related investigation, electronic evidence can be gathered from a variety of sources such as cell phones, hard drives, CDs, digital cameras, electronic files such as JPEGs, and emails. In their raw format, these data are binary files (sequences of 0s and 1s) commonly represented in hexadecimal (hex) notation. Digital forensic practitioners need to […]