Using data insights to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a profound effect on the daily life of people across Europe, from economic repercussions to mental wellbeing. Policymakers and public health experts unanimously recognise the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable persons: minors, ethnic minorities, migrants, girls and women, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and the elderly. The uneven […]

Ethics, privacy and responsibility by design – Join COPKIT’s webinar

We are delighted to announce that on 31 March 2021 COPKIT will be having its sixth public webinar to discuss the project’s ethics, privacy and responsibility by design approach to the development of data-driven policing technologies. Terrorism and organised crime are evolving phenomena with high societal impacts. Increasingly, criminal organisations use new technologies to strengthen their […]

CESIUM: Innovation in child safeguarding – An interdisciplinary journey

Child exploitation (CE) is a complex societal problem – there are many moving parts, many points of failure, and many vulnerabilities. Child exploitation includes, but is not limited to, child labour, forced begging, engagement in criminal activities and child prostitution and is often visible in cases of gang membership, “county lines” exploitation, human trafficking and […]

Market needs on water security standardisation: join the aqua3S workshop

aqua3S Workshop

How can we improve the safety and security of water networks, and ensure they are able to respond to dynamic threats? Water security crisis management requires European harmonisation on addressing the way information is collected and managed at EU level. The European Standard Body CEN is producing many EU standards to help address these issues. […]

Four mistakes to avoid when making policy recommendations about populism


Populists express grievances against the democracies that they live in. For example, that they are run by educational or technocratic elites, and that ‘experts’ are in cahoots with governments to undermine ‘the people’. Dismissing these complaints out of hand is counter-productive and, as we have set out in the Ethical, Social and Legal Impact (ESLI) […]

Digging deep: The picture beneath the data on human trafficking

biometric data scaled 1

Initiatives to bring and use data in local government are emerging all around us. Calls for tenders, discussions in webinars and all-night hackathons are all deriving ways to use data to support better decision making around societal problems. Such problems that councils, townhalls and municipalities must deal with because they deeply affect their areas. How […]

Unprotected children fighting adults’ wars

Unprotected Children

As part of our work in Human Security and Human Rights we study and unpack issues such as Human Trafficking. In this guest blog, Laura Bakx provides a valuable insight on gaps within the international legal framework prohibiting the use of child soldiers and its impact on the protection of children. Despite the plethora of […]

Assessing the ethical impact of new standards for more effective crisis management


The Ethical Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic approach to mapping information flows, identifying challenges and opportunities and providing a set of recommendations on best practices for prioritising ethics and societal values during the design, development, and implementation of technologies, products, standards, and processes. The analysis of the ethical and societal issues of (pre)standardisation processes […]

Enhancing analytical capability to support safeguarding professionals in tackling child exploitation – interview with Jon Betts, CESIUM application project manager


Jon Betts is the lead for public sector at Trilateral Research and has been developing the CESIUM application within Trilateral’s STRIAD cloud platform from concept stage through to production and delivery phases as the Project Manager. In this interview, we discuss the challenges that CESIUM solution will tackle and its impact as a game-changer in […]