Failure to support the data protection officer contravenes the GDPR

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A data protection officer (DPO) is working for an organisation that fails to provide them with sufficient resources to complete their tasks and consciously excludes them from meetings in which data protection compliance is likely to be an extensive consideration. Sadly, this will not be an entirely alien experience for many DPOs at some stage […]

European Digital Identity Wallet

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In the context of the COVID pandemic, digitalisation has become more relevant than ever before. The digitalisation of almost every sector has become the most prominent solution to fight the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing has increased the need to be able to use services, identify and authenticate online. Nevertheless, the digitalisation of so many services has also engaged complex data protection considerations, given the entirely online exchange of a substantial volume of […]

Assessing the ethical impact of new standards for more effective crisis management


The Ethical Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic approach to mapping information flows, identifying challenges and opportunities and providing a set of recommendations on best practices for prioritising ethics and societal values during the design, development, and implementation of technologies, products, standards, and processes. The analysis of the ethical and societal issues of (pre)standardisation processes […]

AI for good: Recommendations for enhancing legal frameworks for AI and robotics

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Human genomics, human enhancement, artificial intelligence and robotics offer benefits for both individuals and society. However, it is essential to consider the ethics and human rights implications of these technologies to ensure successful and sustainable research outputs. The SIENNA project worked to ensure that human rights, fundamental freedoms, and ethical values are respected in the design, […]

Webinar: The role of ethical AI in safeguarding children – A CESIUM case study

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What does your role involve in Lincolnshire Police? I am a Detective Inspector, managing areas of ‘vulnerability’.  I am the Police safeguarding hub manager, responsible for managing Public Protection Notification (PPN) referrals to partner agencies. I oversee child exploitation, child abuse and adult vulnerability, and I am the tactical lead for ‘missing persons’, and the […]

The future of ethics assessment: SATORI’s European standard

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How do we embed ethics in innovation? As innovations do not follow a fixed recipe, their development or usemay raise ethical concerns or unintended consequences. A successful innovation must, therefore, address ethical impacts at an early stage through an ethics impact assessment and/or the support of an ethics committee. Consequently, within the development of emerging […]

Advancing Standardisation and Interoperability for Effective Crisis Management

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Trilateral Research joins twenty-two partners from across the EU in the newly launched three-year Horizon 2020 STRATEGY project to improve the interoperability of crisis management systems, tools and operational procedures for effective disaster response within and between borders. Crisis management involves the coordination of a number of organisations and authorities across countries. It is often […]

AI in healthcare: paving the way with standardisation

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AI has become one of the top strategic priorities and a key driving force of economic growth. The potential of this game-changing technology in the healthcare sector will make a huge difference for both professionals and patients. The one-day interactive stakeholders’ workshop organised by CEN-CENELEC on 27th October 2020, is very timely as it will bring […]