Shining light on a hidden crime in Greater Manchester

The Honeycomb project, commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority, focuses on using data to illuminate insights from facts and the hidden stories of human trafficking and modern slavery. Supported by the University of Manchester, Trilateral Research is leveraging its cloud-based platform, STRIAD, and our sociotech approach to enable the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to act […]

Training on human trafficking: a component of the human security operationalisation framework


Research and our own experience show that whilst those working in defence are typically well positioned to help better understand how human trafficking manifests itself in conflict, they do not fully understand what human trafficking truly entails and/or what their role is vis-à-vis that crime. Acknowledging this gap, Royal Marines Commandos invited Trilateral Research to […]

What are the factors that make individuals vulnerable to human trafficking?

At Trilateral Research we take pride in our work and research in the human trafficking and migration fields. Following the recent incident in Essex where 39 alleged migrants of Vietnamese origin, were found dead in a shipping container, we ask ourselves if this is an instance of human trafficking. Olivia Iannelli, a Research Analyst at Trilateral, […]