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Anaïs Rességuier

Senior Research Analyst

Role at Trilateral

Anais does research on the ethics of new and emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence. She carries out this research as part of EU-funded research projects, such as the SIENNA and TechEthos projects. She is particularly keen to shift the focus of attention in AI ethics away from high-level abstract principles to concrete practices, contexts and social, political and environmental materialities 


Anais is trained in philosophy, ethics and the social sciences. She enjoys working across different disciplines and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to gain insights on current social developments and to contribute to shaping these. Over the last few years, she has worked with engineers and computer scientists on AI and other new and emerging technologies to assess the impacts of these on individuals, communities and the society at large. She started research in this area at Sciences Po Paris and then continued this research at Trilateral Research. Before that, she carried out research at the University of Oxford on the ethics of humanitarian action, engaging an ethical reflection with humanitarian practitioners.  

Anais has received a PhD in Political Theory from Sciences Po Paris on the notion of care from the philosophical perspective with an empirical anchor in the sector of humanitarian assistance (title: “The Power of Care: Beyond the Empire of Suffering. The Case of Humanitarian Action”). She also received an MSc in Forced Migration from the University of Oxford.  

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