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Anita Nandi

Senior Data Scientist

Role at Trilateral

Anita is currently leading the technical development for products and projects primarily focussed on policing and exploitation (CESIUM and IRON). She leverages machine learning techniques to augment professional decision making and help combat child exploitation, with a focus on ensuring that all insights are relevant and understandable to the user.  


Anita has a PhD in Physics from University of Oxford, involving applying machine learning algorithms on huge datasets to make measurements of particle behaviour. She also worked as a postdoctoral researcher with the Malaria Atlas Project based at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford. This involved working within a multidisciplinary team researching spatial modelling techniques to improve malaria risk predictions for future research and policy decisions. 

Anita has over 8 years of experience of analysing large datasets in the fields of physics, epidemiology, statistics, medicine, and policing. Her main interests lie in building statistical or machine learning models to address societal issues, while understanding the context and biases of the datasets involved, and ensuring the outputs explainable, transparent, and relevant to those using them. 

 Anita has authored several peer-reviewed publications in the fields of particle physics, epidemiology, statistics, and medicine.