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Zachary J. Goldberg

Ethics Innovation Manager

Role at Trilateral

Zachary leads work translating ethical theory and ethical standards into practical steps achieving sustainable impact and responsible innovation. He oversees and carries out ethics services for public and private sector clients and our in-house tech team on the ethics of AI, responsible AI, explainable AI, ethics-by-design, technology and information ethics, research ethics and AI regulations in the EU and UK.


Zachary started at Trilateral in 2019 where he focused on leading ethical/privacy/societal impact assessments in several H2020 proposals and projects in the domains of border security and health. Now, Zachary leads the Ethics Innovation team and oversees ethics services for clients including ethics assessments, audits and consulting as well as mapping out ethics-driven strategies focusing on ethical AI.

Zachary has provided ethics research, discovery, advising and foresight planning to: European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection thematic group on Early Warning Zones and Artificial Intelligence (EU); FRONTEX (EU); United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Association of Document Verification Professionals (UK); numerous public sector organisations and startups. He serves on the Ethics Advisory Committee for Digital Catapult and gave a TEDx talk on the ethics of technology at TEDxKassel. He has presented his research at scores of academic and industry conferences. Most recent titles include: “Responsive Adjustment for AI: The Nature of Responsibility for the Design and Deployment of AI Systems,” Responsible AI Forum; “How to Build Trustworthy AI for Defence: The TRI-XAI Approach,” DSTL AI Fest 4; On the Ethical Foundations of the EC Ethics Requirements”, Philosophy of Human and Technology Relations; “Ethical Education for Technology Professionals in the Digital Age”, 7th Responsible Management Education Research Conference.

Zachary completed his post-doctoral degree (Habilitation) in ethics and moral philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Prior to taking up this position he was Postdoc in Normative Ethics at Universität Regensburg. He holds a Ph.D. in moral philosophy and applied ethics from Arizona State University, an M.A. in philosophy from Stony Brook University, and a B.A. summa cum laude in philosophy from Emory University.

Zachary is the author of over 18 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Recent titles include: “Translating Ethical Theory into Ethical Action: An Ethic of Responsibility Approach to Value-Oriented Design,” Communications in Computer and Information Science vol. 1382; “Ethical Responsibility in Space Exploration,” Moving technology ethics at the forefront of society, organisations and governments, p. 157-168. In addition, he is author of Evil Matters: A Philosophical Inquiry (Routledge 2021), co-editor of the Routledge International Handbook of Perpetrator Studies (Routledge 2019), the editor of Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility: Essays in Honor of Peter A. French (Springer 2017).

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