Julia Muraszkiewicz

Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz

Head of Programme Against Exploitation and Violence
Role at Trilateral

Julia is the Head of Programme Against Exploitation and Violence and works with the Trilateral team of social and data scientists, as well as multiple clients, on an end-to-end journey to understand and solve complex societal problems.

Julia has rich experience in national and international project management in a variety of areas such as law, human trafficking, victim rights, crime, responsible technology, sociotech and human security. She enjoys qualitative research, especially legal assessments, compliance and using empirical methods such as focus groups and interviews. More recently, she fell in love with supporting the development of AI/ML through the application of social science expertise.
Julia is also a passionate teacher, delivering trainings and workshops and ensuring course attendees acquire a comprehensive, applied understanding of the subject. She has delivered trainings to police, border force, airport staff, civil servants, civil society, faith groups and students.

Julia is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Human Trafficking (Taylor & Francis) and, together with her colleagues, she co-edited the first book on human trafficking in conflict. She has also published a book on the non-punishment of victims of human trafficking.
Alongside the books, she has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles on human trafficking. She is also the co-host of the Humans of Security podcast.
Julia’s background is in human rights and criminal law. She has a PhD in Law from Vrije University Brussels and an LLM in International Development and Human Rights from the University of Warwick. She passed the Bar Vocational Course (UK), and is currently delivering academic courses in the field of Space Law. Julia is also affiliated with the University of Amsterdam where she teaches Comparative Constitutional Law. In the past Julia has worked as a support worker at a safe house for victims of human trafficking.

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