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Kush Wadhwa

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Role at Trilateral

Kush leads Trilateral in the dual roles of CEO and CTO, providing strategic direction for the development of ethical AI products to combat complex societal challenges. With the support and input of the Leadership team, he sets strategic direction for the company, defines key objectives for each of the business units, sets direction for the development of our AI products, mentors team members as they strive to broaden their reach, and leads the team to develop a vibrant, innovative, values-driven organisational culture.


Kush joined Trilateral as a Partner in 2009, taking an active role in research and innovation, and developing a longer-term strategy for the company, growing it from a team of 2 to over 100 and expanding beyond the UK to include operations in Ireland. Based on his background in software and tech development Kush recognised the opportunity to leverage Trilateral’s strong core of experts in privacy, data protection, and ethics, to grow the company from a research consultancy to an ethical AI development company. He has guided the team through each successive phase of recurring, research-driven innovation to build Trilateral’s commercial services and break-through technology products.

Prior to joining Trilateral, Kush was already an established entrepreneur, working with small businesses either as a founder or as an agent of change to stabilise under-performing organisations and launch them on a growth trajectory. He has experience in establishing and developing businesses in the US, UK, Canada, Costa Rica, Malaysia, India, Ireland and Greece, and in diverse business sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecom, real estate, hospitality, consulting, software development and technology.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Kush has also worked in a broad range of corporate roles, including in consulting, technology development, product management, business development, and general management roles. He has worked for both large and small companies and delivered products and services to clients from government, inter-governmental and humanitarian agencies (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US Department of Homeland Security, UK Home Office, European Commission, NATO, UNHCR, OECD, American Red Cross) as well as large-scale private sector organisations (e.g., Pfizer, AIG, Hoechst, Google, Pitney Bowes, MasterCard, amongst others).

His main interests continue to lie in the creative elements of building value from small businesses, not only for the impact it promises for the economy in which it grows, but also for the impact that dedicated, inspired and aspirational innovators can have on society.

Kush holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business as well as a BEng in Electrical Engineering and a BA in English Literature from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is widely published on a range of topics related to innovation management, privacy, data protection, risk management, crisis and disaster management, biometrics, surveillance technologies, and open access.

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