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Matthew Hall

Research Analyst

Role at Trilateral

Matthew is a researcher on various EU-funded projects, specialising in ethics, technology, policy and the political sphere. Matthew analyses trends, develops risk assessments and conducts research to provide solutions to the ethical and social questions raised by emerging technologies across a number of sectors. 

Matthew was the Trilateral lead in PROTAX and PaCE and is currently leading on the PestNu and TRACE projects. 


Matthew’s research background is in political philosophy, specialising in the ways that emerging technologies are consequential for society, politics and policy making. At Trilateral, Matthew has developed a risk assessment methodology and foresight scenarios for studying populism in Europe, he has conducted ethical and social impact assessment of security technologies and has implemented Ethics-by-Design approaches to research ethics involving security sensitive new technologies. Matthew has an interest in FinTech and the ethics and politics of technology, including emerging issues of how power imbalances become embedded into the design of new technologies. 

During his PhD, Matthew specialised in the ethics and philosophy of surveillance technologies. Before joining Trilateral Matthew was an ESRC post-doctoral research fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

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