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Nanditha Plakazhi

Associate Data Analyst

Role at Trilateral

Nanditha’s work involves carrying out data analysis tasks in research and innovation projects. She is responsible for data collection, curation, cleaning, and overall data quality control for the COVINFORM project, an online toolkit for governments, the healthcare sector and researchers to aid in pandemic preparedness. She also undertakes social science research and cross-analyse existing studies of health and social vulnerabilities and its impact on pandemic experiences to support and validate the project’s data collection requirements.


Nanditha holds a BA (hons) in Social Sciences from the University of Manchester where she specialised in Social Anthropology and Criminology, with a dissertation exploring people’s perception of safety and choice of residential location based on type of crime map viewed.  

Nanditha is interested in exploring crime and its patterns in cross-cultural contexts, especially the relationship between power, inequality and violence. Her university experience in quantitative criminology has inspired a strong passion for data analysis and creating impactful visualisations for end-users. Her background in anthropology has given her an insight into the effects of culture and society on the human experience. 

Favourite Book

The Book Thief, Dear Data;

Favourite Hobbies

Badminton, Crochet, Painting.