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Niamh Aspell

Senior Research Analyst

Role at Trilateral

She is currently the project lead for two European Commission-funded projects, COVINFORM and iToBoS. She leads Trilateral’s work on building a risk assessment framework and interactive online dashboard for evaluating government response and the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, as part of the COVINFORM project. She leads the Privacy, Data Protection, Ethical, and Social Impact Assessment (PIA+) for an AI-driven diagnostic support tool for the early diagnosis of melanomas for iToBoS. 


Her previous work includes contributing to various research activities in digital pathology and AI for an innovative software company that develops solutions for pre-clinical pathology. Prior to this, Niamh was the Scientific Manager for a food clinical trial company, where she informed the scientific design and ethical parameters for numerous human intervention studies in Ireland and the US. Her areas of expertise include study design, population health, research ethics, quantitative research methods, nutrition and lifestyle interventions, and ageing, specifically cognitive health, dementia care, social care and psychosocial well-being. 

She has strong project management abilities, having managed multiple research projects with various academic institutes and for international companies, particularly those focused on vulnerable groups within the public health systems. She has previously taught psychology students about the Biological Basis of Behaviour (NCI) and aided medical students in their learning of Anatomy and Physiology (TCD). She also provides content for an evidence-based nutrition podcast, where she presents the most up-to-date information on nutrition and health studies. 

Niamh obtained her BSc in Human Nutrition (UUC) and has been involved in several national and regional research projects. She was awarded funding from the Irish Research Council for her PhD (TCD), ‘Vitamin D in Ageing: An Investigation into the Role of Vitamin D in Cognitive and Physical Functioning in Community-Dwelling Older Adults,’ in which she designed, implemented, and analyzed the first RCT of vitamin D supplementation and cognitive health in community-dwelling older adults. She has a PG in Applied Statistics (TCD) and has worked with a number of research groups on the social, health, and economic factors that influence healthy ageing. Her research has focused on identifying risk factors for poor health-related outcomes, and she has published the most up-to-date evidence for older adults in Ireland who receive publicly-funded home support. 

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