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Pinelopi Troullinou

Senior Research Analyst

Role at Trilateral

Pinelopi focuses on raising awareness of potential societal and ethical impact of technologies engaging all involved stakeholders from technologists to policy makers and the public to co-create technologies that benefit and empower society. She is currently the research lead for Trilateral on the H2020 project popAI which aims to foster a constructive dialogue between all involved stakeholders in the application of AI in the security domain. She also manages the EU funded project PREPARE aiming to support relevant front-line actors to address vulnerabilities and stigmas children whose parents are part of violent extremist networks may face. 


Pinelopi has over thirteen years of experience on European and national projects and tenders in both research and managerial roles. She works on the intersection of science, technology and society exploring how the communication of technology influences the society and vice versa. She has extensive experience on digital ethics research and literacy on digital media including their surveillance aspects. Her work results in innovative methodologies in training and educating involved stakeholders on the ethical development and conscious use and application of digital technologies. Integrating privacy, ethical, and social impact assessment in co-design methodology, in the successfully completed H2020 project EUNOMIA, she worked closely with technologists to design a privacy-, and ethics-by-design platform to shift the current focus of social media on likes to trust nudging its users to assess the trustworthiness of online information.  

Pinelopi has obtained her PhD on Surveillance Studies from the Business School of The Open University, UK. Her thesis addressing the subjective experience of everyday surveillance introduced the theoretical framework of seductive surveillance as an analytical tool to further understand users’ participation to surveillance and their negotiation with potential risks such as privacy and digital labour. She has an interdisciplinary academic background holding a BA in Philosophy and Social Studies, an MA in Bioethics from the University of Crete, and a second MA in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. 

Pinelopi has worked as a journalist and newscaster and has been an invited speaker, visiting, and guest lecturer in universities in the UK, Netherlands, and China. She serves as a member representative for the Surveillance Studies Network, programme and organising committee member of conferences and summer schools. Her research outputs have been disseminated in webinars and workshops, leading conferences, peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, deliverables, and reports. 

Actively striving for women’s empowerment, Pinelopi serves as a mentor for Women on Top an organization for equality at the workplace.  

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