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Raffaele Loseto

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Role at Trilateral

Raffaele works across the Sociotech for Good (STG) BU providing guidance to cross-functional engineering teams in their journey to deliver Ethical AI solutions for tackling complex social problems. He focuses on guiding development efforts towards successful delivery of multiple projects across the Business Unit, assuring high quality and security standards by establishing good practices and habits. His interests lie in identifying and encouraging areas for growth and supporting the organisation in the implementation of Agile and Lean methodologies, establishing a culture of Operational Excellence.


In the past 8 years within the IT industry, Raffaele has developed a strong High-Performance culture, allowing him to focus on delivering value through strategic planning and goal setting.

Raffaele joined Trilateral Research in 2021 as a Software Engineering Manager. During the first few months, he observed and assessed the software engineering practices implemented by the team responsible for the development of HAMOC, and he accompanied them through a complete transformation journey. Today Raffaele keeps alive a customer-focused software development cycle that lives across multiple teams, ensures the maximization of delivery Flow over Human Utilization, safeguards the psychological health of the engineering team members, and provides transversal management support, forging strong relationships between different teams and areas of the organization.

During his time working at Refinitiv, he led two development teams allocated on the World-Check One product, delivering strategic tools to support customers in their due diligence needs in the fight against financial crime, bribery, and corruption. He worked on projects such as the migration process from on-premises-based architecture to the cloud, the evolution of the UI tech stack and structure,  feature improvement of the On-Going Screening tool in World-Check One, and others. In his years as a Software Engineer, he worked mostly within the Financial Services sector, developing software solutions for insurance companies, banks, and credit entities. As part of his role at Fincons Group (Bari, Italy) he contributed to the modernization and maintenance of ITAS Assicurazioni’s claims management system, starting from the feasibility to final release in production. Raffaele is a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM), and he holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Bari “Aldo Moro”.

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