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Sandra Moran

Senior Data Protection Advisor

Role at Trilateral

As part of the Data Protection and Cyber-Risk team, Sandra manages the delivery of data protection and regulatory advice to clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe; as well as the provision of Data Protection Officer services to public and private sector organizations, including researching and outreach in the context of UK and EU data protection.

Prior to joining Trilateral Research, Sandra performed multiple data-protection roles in the private industry and in consulting organisations in Spain, Germany and Ireland.

Her expertise focuses on providing legal advice on data protection, as well as on creating GDPR programmes and strategies.

Sandra helps customers to ensure that all their projects and initiatives are designed and developed with a strong data protection component, to enable the achievement of their targets while remaining compliant with legislation.


Sandra holds a Master in GDPR from UNED-AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Supervisory Authority) and a Bachelor of Laws (UNED). Her interest on the intersection of law and technology has led her to take several training courses related to Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Data Protection.

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