Selby Knudsen

Research Analyst
Role at Trilateral

Selby is a part of the Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) team at Trilateral Research and is working as the lead on the RiskPACC project. RiskPACC is working to develop novel solutions to increase community involvement in disaster risk management, improve community resilience, and increase collaboration between citizens and civil protection authorities. Trilateral has led the desk-based and empirical research on disaster resilience and risk perception.


Selby’s research background lies in both disaster resilience and infectious disease epidemiology. Selby holds a MSc in Risk, Disaster, and Resilience from University College London, where her focus was on developing new methodologies for assessing the impact of anticipatory action in the humanitarian field. She also holds an MPH from Boston University School of Public Health, with a focus in Epidemiology. Prior to receiving the MSc, Selby’s research focused on tuberculosis epidemiology in India. She has collaborated on multiple publications relating to tuberculosis treatment failure and factors contributing to tuberculosis infection.

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