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Simon Hoffmann

Associate Data Engineer

Role at Trilateral

Simon works as a data engineer in order to ease the collection, storage, and processing of various types of open-source data using automated pipelines. He deploys solutions to present insights associated with the collected data and show the user relevancy in the data. 

He also helps in the technical implementation of the STRIAD platform. 


Simon’s academic background lies in IT, applied maths, focusing on Machine learning and Imagery from ENSEEIHT, a French engineering school.  

During his MSc, Simon has worked on facial emotion analysis in political speeches trying to uncover fake emotion using machine learning and computer vision methods. He also worked part-time in the public sector in Buenos Aires, developing an application for a physics laboratory, whose goal was to remotely control a laser. 

After he joined Trilateral Research, he worked on several projects involving the use and the implementation of data analysis algorithms, geospatial tools, statistical plots, and visualization tools in both the public and the defense sector. 

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