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Stephen Anning

Product Manager

Role at Trilateral

Stephen Anning is the Product Manager for CESIUM, which is an Artificial Intelligence Platform for assisting the Police and Children’s Services with Safeguarding Children. As CESIUM’s product manager, he works across end user engagement with safeguarding professionals, managing and developing the product roadmap, enabling ethical Artificial Intelligence, training development and delivery, and marketing. Steve is primarily motivated by tackling societal problems with technology.


Steve joined Trilateral Research following a career in the British Army and four years at IBM primarily working with UK Police on responding to cybercrime. His time in the Army was operationally focused with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland. His final role before was in developing large-scale intelligence systems for the MOD. As an Army Reservist led a research project on understanding the implications of human trafficking in conflict. His work with the Police centred on digital policing as response to cybercrime with focus on fraud and modern slavery.

He holds an MA in Conflict, Security and Development from Kings College London and an MSc in Web Science from Southampton University. He is presently writing his PhD thesis, which is about rethinking aspects hate speech detection as hostile narrative analysis by integrating qualitative research methods with Natural Language Processing. He has published work in Parameters, Web Science Conference 2021 proceedings and the Journal of Intelligence, Warfare and Conflict. Aspects of his text analytics work are also under development for Trilateral’s technology stack.

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