Climate change is shifting the distribution and severity of infectious diseases, as changing climates opens up new opportunities for pathogens move into new environments. Global travel, habitat loss and human encroachment are also bringing humans closer than ever to animals harbouring diseases.

With warming weather and changing seasonal patterns, sandflies and sandfly-borne diseases are moving northwards from the Mediterranean and spreading to new areas in Europe.

CLIMOS is modelling the environmental and climate factors that are driving this expansion, so health practitioners, governments and the public can better predict where these diseases are spreading. The project is funded by Horizon Europe (Grant agreement ID: 101057690)


The goal of CLIMOS is to mitigate the expansion of sandflies and sandfly-borne diseases into new regions and protect the health of citizens where sandflies are endemic.  

Our Role

Trilateral Research is leading the privacy, data protection and social/ethics compliance for CLIMOS. We are co-developing health impact scenarios of a potential outbreak, to garner information such as possible vulnerabilities in government responses.  

We are leading the exploitation plan to standardise the project results and create a business plan to give longevity and commercial viability to the CLIMOS solutions after the project has formally ended.  

CLIMOS adds to Trilateral’s work in the health sector alongside our contributions to other European projects such as PANDEM-2 and iToBoS.  


CLIMOS will impact medical, veterinary, public and occupational health professionals, as well as surveillance organizations responsible for monitoring and managing the transmission and treatment of sandfly-borne diseases. Our ultimate goal is to help citizens and animals whose health is impacted or endangered by SFBDs. 

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