Organised crime and terrorist (OCT) organisations: what are the challenges?Analysing, investigating and preventing organised crime

For almost all types of organised crime, organised crime and terrorist (OCT) organisations are at the forefront of technological innovation. However, the majority of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) apply intelligence-led policing, which is aimed at intelligence guiding operations, not at anticipating future development in criminal behaviour. As a result, LEAs are not staying ahead of technological developments and find cybercriminal activity challenging to tackle.

Analysing, investigating and preventing organised crime

How can we better predict technological innovations used by organised crime and terrorist groups to mitigate the use of new technologies by criminal organisations?

The COPKIT project will develop an Early Warning (EW) /Early Action (EA) methodology, enabling law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of technological developments used by organised crime and terrorist groups and act earlier thanks to better knowledge and intelligence.

The COPKIT project will produce:

  • Early Warning (EW)/Early Action (EA) methodology, which identifies threats and new technologies that may be applied by organised crime and terrorist groups, enabling law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to act earlier with respect to preparedness, mitigation, prevention and other security policies
  • Training and Exercise programs to educate and train law enforcement agencies with regards to the methodological and workflow aspects of EW/EA policing

Ethical, legal and social impact assessment to ensure sustainable innovation

Trilateral considers the potential ethical, legal and societal risks of the envisioned use of COPKIT solutions as law enforcement investigative technologies, and the measures needed to avoid misuse of these tools either by criminals or by the public authorities in undemocratic countries.

Enhancing Impact: facilitating the uptake of COPKIT solutions 

Trilateral works on enhancing the project findings by creating a network including law enforcement agencies, policymakers, civil society organisations, industry and the public to reach out to all relevant stakeholder communities.

This work facilitates novel collaborations, amplifies COPKIT’s results and encourages the uptake of the project’s Early Warning/ Early Action methodology which will enable law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of new technological developments used by organised crime and terrorist groups.


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The COPKIT project – Technology, training and knowledge for Early-Warning/Early-Action led policing in fighting Organised Crime and Terrorism – has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 786687

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