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Energy Efficiency: what are the challenges?

Energy efficiency means doing more with less: that is, reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

While energy efficiency (EE) initiatives are necessary to mitigate the impacts of the current climate crisis, the lack of understanding of EE investments has hindered the integration of these principles in the policy-making process. There is, therefore, a need to gather evidence on the ecological and socio-economic benefits of energy efficiency to accelerate the implementation of EE-fist principles across Europe.

Prioritising energy efficiency

How can we accelerate the implementation of Energy Efficiency initiatives across Europe?

The EERAdata project will support policymakers to effectively assess the impacts of energy efficiency investments, with a focus on investments in buildings, by:

  • Developing and testing a Decision Support Tool (DST) to help local administrations collect and process their building and demographic data to assess and prioritise EE measures in planning, renovating and constructing buildings
  • Operationalising the DST through a software application capable of merging data from various sources, which will then model and assess the impact of EE investments in buildings across several categories of impact

Data Analysis to gain actionable insights

Trilateral’s data science team conducts data analysis to support policymakers with an evidence-based approach to the benefits of Energy Efficiency investments.

Trilateral collects and cleans relevant building-stock, energy, environmental and socio-economic data sets, standardising and formatting data to ensure that it is easily interpretable and suitable for gaining insights on the impact of energy efficiency investments. The cleaned data will be stored in a provisory data repository, ready to be accessed by the Decision Support Tool.

Enhancing Impact to support policymakers

Trilateral works on enhancing the project findings by creating a network including government officials, energy agencies, policymakers, homeowners, and municipalities to reach out to all relevant stakeholders’ communities. Our work aims to facilitate novel collaborations, amplifying EERAdata’s results and encouraging the uptake of the Decision Support Tool, enabling regional and municipal policymakers to plan and prioritise energy efficiency investments in buildings based on a holistic assessment of their multiple benefits.

Policy advice to enhance societal wellbeing

Trilateral will develop a set of policy recommendations and guidelines that provide a practical guide for European policymakers to prioritise energy efficiency measures in buildings through the application of the Decision Support Tool developed by EERAdata.


For further information visit the EERAdata website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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The EERAdata project - Data-Driven Decision-Support To Increase Energy Efficiency Through Renovation In European Building Stock - has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 847101.

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