Project HAMOC

Project overview

Understanding the human environment requires accessing large volumes of data, distilling what’s valuable, understanding what’s important, and swiftly integrating this understanding into decision-making. Leveraging the power of open-source data is critical for enabling defence and security professionals to understand the human environment and make fast, agile and evidence-based decisions.  

Project HAMOC leveraged the STRIAD platform to develop and produce a human security (HS) analysis prototype to support defence and humanitarian planners in understanding and analysing human security issues. The outcomes also supported stronger decision-making and planning in defence and humanitarian operations. To deliver the project, Trilateral Research worked in a co-design partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to design, prototype, iterate, and pilot the tools to Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6). 

The project used data to provide insights on the prevalence of various risk factors and threats across time and geographic regions. This included generating insights across the range of human security threat categories identified by the UN Development Program (UNDP): economic security, environmental security, health security, food security, community security, political security, personal security.  


  • Demonstration of data-driven human security analysis for a given geography 
  • Identification of UK defence requirements for a future human security analysis capability 
  • Identification of UK defence training needs regarding human security 
  • Recommendations to help bridge the human security policy/practice divide 

Applications and benefits

  • Improved understanding of the utility and feasibility of using data to analyse human security threats 
  • Clarification of the current UK defence approach to human security 
  • Identification of challenges and gaps in current UK defence app 
  • Support mainstreaming of human security capabilities in military training 

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