Hamoc R


Quickly evaluate any human environment

HAMOC has been built with defence and humanitarian experts as a tool to analyse the stability of any human environment.  

It integrates and analyses data from multiple sources, surfacing otherwise hard to find actionable insights that can be used to supporting your agile, evidence-based decision-making processes. 

You can use HAMOC to: 

  • Generate interactive maps and plots relating to a location 
  • Quickly search documents for crucial information, including keywords, themes and named entities  

How it works

Criminal activity and infringements to human rights can take many forms, each of which are extremely complicated to fully understand and uncover.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with a number of organisations across the UK to help them overcome significant problems within their communities, which are common across the world.

Our approach

Where it can be used

HAMOC can be used in any situation where you need to understand the interplay between various influences on a human population and its stability. These include, but are not limited to environmental, climate, health, resource, socio-economic and political threats, and physical violence and extremism.


HAMOC can support the swift deployment of help during times of crisis and threat, such as natural disasters and aid in war torn areas.

This is possible due to the tool’s capabilities in the real time analysis of unfolding situations, which in turn improves situational awareness, understanding, prioritisation and the monitoring and evaluation of issues and resources.

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Episode 1 – Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz and Toby Fenton: Humans of security.

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