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How can we use data-driven solutions to fight Trafficking of Human Beings, tackle Child Sexual Exploitation and protect victims?


In HEROES we use interdisciplinary, international, and victim-centered approach. Three main components will be developed: Prevention, Investigation and Victim Assistance.

The HEROES project’s main objective is to use technology to help LEAs to investigate and discover cases of THB and CSA/CSE.

This is a major project spanning three years and involving partners from around the globe that will bring real impact to these complex problems. The solution aims to establish a coordinated contribution with LEAs by developing an appropriate, victim-centred approach that is capable of addressing specific needs and providing protection.

Trilateral's work


Trilateral leads the ethics work packages that will be the foundation of this project. That work draws on our considerable depth of expertise, and leverages our USP: that we uniquely combine such domain expertise with the technical ability to deliver working solutions.


Trilateral also leads the training task to design e-learning based training programs for passenger transport personnel addressing the identification and assistance of possible victims. The impact of this work will be to provide a strengthened point of intervention to help victims in these complex and otherwise difficult to track crimes.