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Using data to understand human trafficking and modern slavery in Greater Manchester

Human trafficking and modern slavery are crimes with considerable individual and societal effects. We all know that the risks and impacts of the crime need to be addressed thoroughly and holistically – but we also know that this remains a significant challenge. The lack of comprehensive data hinders the ability of stakeholders, including local authorities, to gain actionable insights into the domain; affecting their ability to solve and combat these crimes and support victims. It’s time to change this.

Our approach

Project Honeycomb is an intelligence led approach to combating human trafficking and modern slavery across Greater Manchester. It will enable the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to take action on data that is spread across different organisations, integrate disparate information sources and make the best possible use of the data while respecting best legal and ethical practice. Novel insights will inform evidence-based policymaking and the design of effective awareness and prevention campaigns.

The project will use Trilateral’s sociotech approach in data protection, privacy, ethics and explainable AI, along with the University of Manchester’s research methods, ethical processes and expertise to gain a true insight into human trafficking and modern slavery. Inspired by Manchester’s symbol of the bee and the robust structure of honeycomb, the project will form a strong response through collaboration and the connection of people and data.


Engage stakeholders and develop relationships with organisations across private, public and civil society sectors who can benefit from the project’s outcome
Support organisations to effectively capture information related to modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation
Establish secure data sharing agreements with organisations to eliminate data silos
Collate, clean and analyse datasets to arrive at a more informed picture of human trafficking and modern slavery across Greater Manchester
Develop and run a series of campaigns to help the city intelligently and creatively protect people from the crimes of human trafficking and modern slavery as well as interrupting traffickers’ activities
Support the improvement of victim pathways for victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and improve prosecution rates for perpetrators

What we will achieve

  • Intelligent insights and deeper understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Connectivity amongst stakeholders and sustainable outcomes
  • Secure data sharing
  • Robust legal compliance and extra levels of data security via Trilateral’s Data Governance services
  • Evidence-based prevention and awareness-raising campaigns aimed at engaging vulnerable groups
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Follow Honeycomb's Journey​

21st May 2021

29th June 2021

On a surpassingly sunny 29th June 2021, three members of Trilateral staff, in a socially distanced manner, walked into a room in Manchester. They ran an end user workshop with GMP and GMCA to ascertain the user's research and data needs regarding human trafficking and modern slavery.

5th Oct 2021

The progression of internet communications technology presents a complex philosophical question when applied to human trafficking and modern slavery.

4 March 2022

The first step to any major project is to figure out what is already out there! We put together a literature review, focusing on the major points in MSHT research since 2015

Get in touch

Do you have insights, information, or data that is relevant? Get in touch with us. The information does not have to be directly on human trafficking; maybe you have data on investment, or figures on migration, or insight into who attends food banks. We would love to hear from you! If you are unsure if the data is useful and/or how it can be shared, please get in touch.

We know that the re-use of aggregated and anonymised data — from an array of sources spread across NGOs, the private sector, researchers and public bodies — can improve attempts to fight human trafficking and modern slavery. The information held within helps solve the puzzle. Through Project Honeycomb, we invite anyone with relevant information or data to work with us to better understand these complex societal issues and unleash the potential of collaboration.’ the Greater Manchester Combined Authority

The project is funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority [GMCA] and is part of the city’s responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking.

Dr Julia Muraszkiewicz

Head of Sociotech Insights Group

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If you have any questions, or if you’d like to talk about Honeycomb with one of our experts, please email sociotech@trilateralresearch.com or call +44 (0) 2070528285