The COVID-19 highlighted the vulnerabilities of the research process in a global crisis.

During the ‘research chaos’ of the first hundred days of the pandemic, only 10% of research trials published their results— 90% of this work was completely wasted. A few well-designed, rapid and effective research trials make up almost all our useful knowledge on Covid-19.

At the same time, non-Covid studies were side-lined or suspended altogether in favour of COVID-19 studies of limited use. This irreparably harmed researchers, study participants and science as a whole, through lost time and wasted funds.

PREPARED is designing a framework to support rapid and effective research in a crisis that safeguards ethics and research integrity. Faster, better research means a quicker end to a crisis.


PREPARED will create a value-based framework and code of conduct that guides researchers on conducting research during an acute crisis that protects research participants and produces quality results.

PREPARED is facilitating dialogue through an international network of experts in research during global crisis, including frontline workers

Our Role

Trilateral Research is leading the strategic dissemination, outreach and communication for PREPARED. We are analysing the legal, regulatory and human rights challenges of research in a crisis, and preparing policy briefs from project results.


By identifying the ethical and integrity challenges of research during sudden crises, PREPARED is ensuring society will have solutions for the next global crisis. Trilateral is fostering broad uptake of the project results in all areas — citizens, the research community, industry and beyond.

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