TRIM Air Quality Project


Urban air pollution remains a serious environmental problem, and as urban air quality declines, the risk of health issues such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, as well as chronic and acute respiratory diseases increase. Air pollution also contributes to the damage of building materials and cultural objects.

The dearth of comprehensive data on the air quality of mid-scale urban areas such as cities and counties means  actionable insights based on this data, which can inform evidence-based policymaking, are also scarce. This prevents  governments and citizens from taking decisive action to improve their health and reverse environmental damage. It is time for this to change.

Our Solution

The Trim air quality project will provide a baseline of air quality within the city of Trim, with the aim of gathering data to inform the development of policy and provision of sustainable solutions for improving air quality and reducing emissions.

This project will utilise Trilateral’s Sociotech approach to risk and analytics requirement assessment which involves bringing together expertise in data science, social science, data engineering, data protection, ethics, software development, cloud engineering and UI/UX to understand and work together in a co-design manner. In this work we will leverage our STRIAD® cloud-based SaaS web application hosted on AWS to support with ingestion, mapping, and visualisation of air quality data.

About the Project


  • Build a highly secure, scalable, open-source, cloud-based data capture and analytics platform
  • Collect and process data from air quality sensors as well as other sources
  • Analyse data collected to extract insights on air quality in and around areas of interest
  • Develop an air quality index for Trim by leveraging the information collected
  • Provide forecasts on air quality in areas of interest and generate a scenario building tool which end-users can interact with



  • Datasets summarising the air quality situation in Trim
  • Insights on air quality in Trim
  • Evidence for environmental policy decision-making and planning
  • Air quality index for Trim
  • Air quality forecasting and scenario building for end-users


The project is funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development & Meath County Council.

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